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Development Needs in Croatia

1) Construction

of quality designed  accommodation, hotels, residential and vacation apartments,  condominiums.

2) Development

 of infrastructure, transport of goods, logistics, the water, sewer and energy network and waste management due to the permanent and temporary increase of the population.

3) Enhance

 the commercial port capacities due to increasing logistical tasks. The largest area available for development is at the port of Ploce.

4) Construction

of a high capacity charter and cargo traffic airport in the area between Split and Sibenik
The increase of tourist traffic arriving by air is currently not feasible due to the limited airport capacities on the seacoast. This fact leaves people travelling from a distance of over 700-800 km excluded from the range of potential guests, as few tourists (particularly families) venture to take longer trips by car. Thus, potential visitors from London, Stockholm, Paris, Berlin, Madrid, Warsaw, Kiev, etc. or the Middle East do not visit the country. An estimated 3 million tourists are unable to travel to Croatia because of lacking flights.

5) Construction of Marinas

The construction of marinas is significantly lagging behind on one of the best navigable, exciting and beautiful seas in the world. Croatia has 15% of the Mediterranean continental coastline. There are 64 marinas per kilometre in France, 20 in Spain and even Italy has 6, where there are no bays. This figure is 2.6 in Croatia. Mega yacht marinas have not been developed at all in the country, while there are long waiting lists at the existing marinas.
Resettling Western European pensioners generate new demand

6) Construction

of recreational/leisure centres, golf courses, event centres, spa and wellness facilities, aqua parks.

7) Modernization

of the seacoast road network, integration of passenger and freight transportation into the north-south and east-west rail networks.

8) Medical services

Establishment of high standard medical, hospital, sanatorium services, operation of a safe ambulance network along the entire coastline.
Older age groups will account for much of the population growth occurring after EU accession. This population segment will not appear on the labour market, but as consumers spending their domestic savings and pensions, generating new demand and jobs. This sector will substantially contribute to the growth of the Croatian economy.
The management of pensions and health funds will necessitate perfectly operating bank services and private insurance accounts.

9) IT development

The implementation of broadband Internet and WIFI networks along the entire seacoast will enable to conduct remote work by foreigners who live in the country in the long term. This will play a key role in extending the tourist season.

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