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The Adriatiq Philosphy

The fundamental concept of our business philosophy is that the secret of success lies in the ability to foresee. We try to comprehend the factors that shape our tomorrow.  

“If a man does not know what port he is steering, no wind is favourable to him”

Therefore we seek out the opportunities of the future. We rely not on tips, as gamblers would do, but scrutinize the present carefully and assess the trends that determine the future.
A vision of the future relies on  understanding the present. Focus needs to shift on what needs to be done to ensure that  future is being shaped to our advantage. Those who are foresightful consider the  possibilities that depend on them and not on others. They are not passive subjects of processes, but active players shaping the future through the exploitation of opportunities.
The financial crisis peaking in 2008 fundamentally transformed the plans of investment market participants. It is clear that we are witnessing rapid and deep changes in the world which result in the historic restructuring of the global economy, economic and social forces. The emergence of the Asian economies, the extraordinary increase in their financial strength substantially changes the demand – supply  relations of the past.
Energy consumption is expected to moderately grow in parallel with the increasing use of renewable energies. Mobility is on the rise and the amount of Asian capital and arriving guests  to Europe will significantly increase. Demand will rise for food products and drinking water. The extraordinary development of technology and the global expansion of IT services will result in growing leisure time and international tourism.
With the emergence of Croatia’s resources and possibilities, Adriatiq Group offers such fixed income investment opportunity – with guaranteed returns – which meets the prudential attitude of institutional investors as well as the careful nature of private investors.

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